Championing low, fair, non-discriminatory auto and homeowners rates: On Wayne’s watch NC had the lowest car insurance rates in the country for the 1st and only time, and he 100% rejected the massive homeowners’ insurance increases sought by insurance companies.

Prioritizing greater access to affordable health insurance; preserving coverage for pre-existing conditions, and seeking upgrades to the Affordable Care Act.

Supporting Medicaid expansion, which will provide health insurance for 600,000 North Carolinians.

Fighting insurance fraud, especially since NC fraud has apparently doubled in the last few years.

Enhanced consumer protection and greater transparency, fairness in ratemaking.

Advocating for presumptive workers comp coverage for firefighter occupational cancers, a living wage for firefighters, and payroll dues check-off for firefighters.

Holding insurance companies accountable: On Wayne’s Watch, he negotiated the largest North Carolina fine ever against an insurance company. The total fine, interest, and reimbursements equaled $23 Million. He also ordered $156 Million to 215,000 families.

Building upon the record $2.4 Billion Wayne ordered in consumer savings and the $206 Million in refunds he directed to consumers.

Resuming my diversity and inclusion, HBCU outreach, anti-discrimination, and related employment initiatives and goals at NCDOI so our Department of Insurance once again reflects North Carolina’s wonderful people.

In sum, Wayne Goodwin fights for issues that truly matter to North Carolinians — actual results, not mere photo ops!