On my watch as NC Insurance Commissioner, I’m pleased to have:

·  Saved North Carolina consumers and families well over $2.4 Billion.  One very specific example of my strong consumer protection record is when I ordered an insurance company to return $156 Million directly to 215,000 Tar Heel families.  That decision of mine made national news and resulted in President Obama inviting me for a personal meeting with him at the White House.

·  Achieved the lowest average automobile insurance premiums in the country, and I successfully barred increases for three years.

·  Rejected many insurance rate increases, and the courts upheld my outright rejection of a major homeowners’ insurance rate increase across the state.

·  Assessed the largest fine in NC history against an insurance company that had inadvertently harmed many thousands of consumers, a multi-million-dollar fine that helped fund our public schools.

As a result of strong encouragement from so many longtime friends and supporters, I’m very actively exploring re-election to a third term as North Carolina’s elected Insurance Commissioner!

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Wayne Goodwin

Contact: wayne@waynegoodwin.org